Working with Data Providers

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how Data Providers can upload data to your GEOCOUNTS project. It is written for an agency which works with other agencies or contract their data collection efforts to private firms.

The steps in this tutorial requires that Project Managers and Data Providers are registered on

Log into GEOCOUNTS and click on the New Project link.

Fill in the required project attributes.

Click on Save to create the new project.

To edit an existing project, click on Edit Project Summary


navbar_top project_definition_1




Click on the About > Team to add new team members to your project.

Click on the Project Team tab shows current list of project team members and their respective roles

Click on the Search tab to search for new team members.

Click on the Invite tab, to invite non-GEOCOUNTS users.

Click on the drop-down under the Role column and select Data Provider.

A green notification box will popup on a the screen once a new project member is added or a role is changed.







Click on About > Location Editor

Search or zoom to preferred location.

Select Add Station and click on a location on the map.

Fill in the required Station ID and Description fields.

Click on Save to store station record.





To upload data, Data Providers must first log into

The above assigned project will appear on the Dashboard after login.

For the respective project, click on Open > File Workbench


In File Workbench, click on Import tab to upload files using the Drag & Drop Files option or Upload link.

To view changes after uploading files, press Click to Reload Workbench.

Select a station to bind a file  to from from the drop-down list under the Bind to Location column

Click on Bind button. Files are now bound to stations.

Project Managers can view files reports or download files to upload to Traffic Server.



Reload Workbench

Binding Files



Alternatively, clients and other project team members can view uploaded data using the Project Map link