GEOCOUNTS Traffic Overview

GEOCOUNTS Traffic is a suite of count management tools for private firms, cities, counties, metropolitan planning organizations, and department of transportation districts. Leveraging the technology behind our ITS award winning product, Traffic Server, GEOCOUNTS supports the conversion and quality control of traffic count data from multiple vendors into the Raw Count Format. As we strive to meet growing customer demands, the following provides a quick overview of GEOCOUNTS Traffic’s features.

The GEOCOUNTS Raw Count Format captures both metadata and counted data into a single file thus eliminating the need to split records into separate files. It caters for all transportation network users including passenger vehicles, freight vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. A major benefit of this traffic count format is its simplicity and clarity for individuals, software developers and equipment manufacturers to understand. The format ensures that equipment manufacturers can readily load that into GEOCOUNTS and Traffic Server without the need for decoders. Even as we continue to work with equipment manufacturers to include built-in support for this file format, we currently provide decoders and converters for the following devices:

File Workbench
File Workbench
  • CEOS Industrial
    • TIRTL
  • Diamond Traffic Products
    • Universal Binary Format
  • Image Sensing Systems Inc.
    • Data Collector File
    • Intersection CSV
    • RTMS
  • International Road Dynamics Inc.
    • iSINC
  • Kistler Instrument Corporation
    • Kistler WIM Logger
  • Logiroad
    • TXT
  • Metrocount
    • TXT
  • Mikros Systems
    • XTX
  • Miovision Technologies Inc.
    • CSV
  • M.H. Corbin, Inc
    • HDM Sequential File
  • Peek Traffic
    • PRN
    • BIN
  • Roads and Maritime Services (formerly RTA)
    • Trafficorder
  • Société ECO-Compteur
    • CSV
  • Wavetronix
    • HD125 Log File
Data Visualization
Data Visualization and Reports

Understanding numbers is sometimes best done using visual representations such bar graphs, pie charts, time series graphs, XY plots, among others.

Knowing that our customers desire great visualization tools to communicate information, we are currently working on traffic data visualizations tools which work seamlessly with the GEOCOUNTS Raw Traffic Count format. Examples of completed visualizations include:

  • Volume by Hour per Class
  • Volume by Hour per Month

Visualizations currently in development but available for testing include:

  • Daily Volume by Channel
  • Turning Movement Animation

To request a new visualization, please use this form.

File Operations

File operations is one of the key benefits for adopting GEOCOUNTS as your traffic data management tool. The GEOCOUNTS Raw Traffic Count format enables analysts to perform quality control checks on the data being collected. When errors are identified as a result of equipment malfunction or field crew errors, the GEOCOUNTS File Operations tool can be utilized for editing the file contents. An available operation  currently is channel removal and operations in development include file merging and slicing.

Still in experimental mode, GEOCOUNTS seeks to make the process of importing data from available mapping services as seamless as possible. Users can easily load external maps into their projects with the click of a button. The ability to add points from these maps into your project is also something we are currently working on. The number of available map services is expected to increase in the following weeks with data being made available from the following sources:

  1. Traffic Server
  2. National Transportation Atlas Database

To request a map service or layer, please use this form.

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