Optimizing Time and Effort using GEOCOUNTS Field Team – The TAPS Case Study

Traffic and Parking Surveys, Ltd (TAPS) is a provider of traffic data and data collection services to state and local governments and private enterprise within several states in Australia that specialize in various traffic data collection techniques using a mix of technologies. This case study looks into the business needs to explore new and emerging technologies to improve the data collection offering while providing software services to clients for managing their traffic data

Paper and spreadsheet based system had to be manually updated and reviewed to ensure complete accuracy based on data entry mishaps. Tracking and managing multiple teams was very difficult, almost impossible. Updating records to reflect progress of work required constant communication with field teams.

Driving and Traveling to the sites would require constantly looking at a directory, and would require careful planning to avoid the situation where a site that is close by is overlooked/forgotten and then driven past on the way to another site.

However, perhaps the most time-consuming effort required was that each technician had to keep in constant contact with clients provide the progress of their project. Without having a portal for the customers to view progress and data as it was collected, many hours were required to just discuss the work that had been performed in the field.

Utilizing an innovative software and cloud-based technology available on any ANDROID OS based smartphone or tablet, TAPS has been able to streamline workflow across many teams that are hundreds of kilometers away from the office at any given time in the week. Allowing the GEOCOUNTS Field Team application to vastly enhance their business processes by providing:

  • ability to track teams ensures the job gets done
  • map features that gives a vital visual cue when having to plan work, especially when travel is required
  • map features that displays when jobs have been completed, eliminating the need to constantly update spreadsheets or other software
  • the elimination of the reliance on paper which can go missing, and all information that field teams and office personnel require is on hand
  • Real-time navigation to work sites that is made vastly simpler and you know where all your sites are in relation to each other, eliminating the possibility of missing a site
  • clients can track the progress of their project through GEOCOUNTS.com which eliminates the need to send emails requesting progress updates and subsequently waiting for a reply