GEOCOUNTS File Format Specification


Advantages of the GEOCOUNTS File Format

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The GEOCOUNTS® File Format is an industry supported open standard format designed for stationary systems counting moving objects as observed in the travel monitoring industry.

By implementing this format, data is guaranteed to be compatible with the GEOCOUNTS cloud service, Traffic Server and any other application implementing the standard GEOCOUNTS format.

Advantages of GEOCOUNTS File Format are listed below:

  • It encompasses any type of stationary monitoring equipment including permanent traffic counters, short term counters, turning movement counters, weigh-in-motion systems, pedestrian counters, bike counters, and similar devices which capture multiple object attributes.
  • It caters for all transportation network users including passenger vehicles, freight vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • A single file captures both metadata and counted data without the need to split different record types into separate files.
  • It enables data collectors and clients to easily track information collected from field surveys and simplify billing.
  • It separates the concepts of ‘lanes’ which motorists use to align themselves on roads, and data ‘channels’ which is how fixed counting devices organize data spatially.
  • It provides a file naming convention to facilitate a rapid audit of available data files.
  • It contains a GEOCOUNTS Key designed to aid end-users determine the origin of the file or identify modifications made to the file.
  • It is extensible and backward compatible.
  • It is quite straightforward to understand such that individuals, software developers and equipment manufacturers can easily generate or read the file format. The format ensures that equipment manufactures can readily load that into the GEOCOUNTS cloud service, Traffic Server, any other application implementing the standard GEOCOUNTS format without the need for decoders.

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Authors: Stephen Cropley, Dan Seedah, Ford Arnett, | Contact Us