MetroCount MTExec

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to migrate data from your .ECO, .EC1 and .EC2 files into GEOCOUNTS.

To start, get the latest copy of MTExec: version 4.09

Step 1: Load your EC2 file into MTExec.

  • File > New Report > Add files
  • Double-click on file to select.
  • Click on “Next >>” to continue.


Step 2: Select GEOCOUNTS Raw Count Format and click on “Next >>”.


Step 3: Fill in the remaining fields similar to below:

  • Contract ID
  • Comment (optional)
  • Select tally interval (one hour, 15, 5 or 1 minute)


Step 4: Save file using the naming convention: STATIONID_STARTDATETIME_0.txt

  • File > Save report as …
  • Make sure to select “Plain text format ANSI (*.txt)”


Step 5: Upload file into your GEOCOUNTS Project via Files > Import Data

IMPORTANT: If files are automatically decoded, they will be made available at Files > Count Reports