An Introduction to GEOCOUNTS Field Team

GEOCOUNTS™ Field Team facilitates real-time count scheduling, ordering, deployment, and tracking of field activities. Team members store information about the location of counting equipment, record notes, and send photographs showing site conditions. Members may also submit count summaries when a count is complete. GEOCOUNTS™ Field Team comprises of three main products – Field Team Office, Field Team Mobile and Field Team Cloud Storage.

GEOCOUNTS™ Field Team Office equips supervisors and managers to:

  • Schedule and dispatch jobs
  • Select between in-house crews and contractors
  • Receive job quotes from contractors
  • View job data including photos and notes
  • Track job progress and incidents
  • View work history

GEOCOUNTS™ Field Team Mobile provides data collection crews with the ability:

  • Receive job data
  • Track location of equipment
  • Record notes and send photographs showing site conditions
  • Schedule equipment pickups
  • Report job progress and incidents
  • Work in offline mode (under development)

It is available free to download at the Google Play store.

GEOCOUNTS™ Field Team Cloud Storage is a no-hassle solution for agencies to:

  • Archive field data
  • View work history and compare historical data
  • Share data with others

It is accessible anytime and anywhere from the office or the convenience of your mobile phone.