• GEOCOUNTS Traffic Overview

    Introduction GEOCOUNTS Traffic is a suite of count management tools for private firms, cities, counties, metropolitan planning organizations, and department … Read more →

  • Traffic Counts in Georgia

    For instructions on using the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) traffic data application on, please see the GDOT publication: … Read more →

  • Consulting

    Data Migration and Integration The GEOCOUNTS Team will work with you to migrate your data from existing files, databases or … Read more →

  • Uplink

    Download Uplink Download Connect to GEOCOUNTS and Traffic Server To add a connection to Traffic Server: From the menus, select … Read more →

  • Developers

    GEOCOUNTS APIs are currently available to develop applications that read and write to the GEOCOUNTS cloud service and the Raw … Read more →

  • Working with Data Providers

    This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how Data Providers can upload data to your GEOCOUNTS project. It is written … Read more →

  • GEOCOUNTS Real Time Relay

    The GEOCOUNTS Real Time Relay is designed to receive per vehicle data from multiple equipment types on the field for … Read more →